Welcome To The Rocket Beats (EP)

by The Rocket Beats

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Zombie-Aficionados learn Russian - with the 1st EP of THE ROCKET BEATS

“зомби” is the Russian word for zombie. It is also a track of the 1st EP by the Russian Psychobilly-Trio THE ROCKET BEATS simply called “Welcome To The Rocket Beats”. “зомби”, interpreted in a Russian and in an English version is the morbid core of a record that crawled along all the way from the tomb of undead old school psychobilly just to enter the stage with a lot of fresh energy. Andrey (guitar/vocals), Sergey (drums) and Rimma on bass prefer a sound with rather clean Gretsch-slingin’ with some delay added, manic vocals in a rather high range that are not too much mixed into the foreground and a really fat snare drum. If you like drumming that’s close to overmodulating the microphones and crashing the drumheads: start with “Mr. Wood”. The slappin’ lady is the mediator between guitar and drums – her playing is always present but first of all beneficial to the songs and not trying to catch more attention at any price. Nevertheless she has room enough to show here skills. For example in the mostly instrumental last track “Last Coil Of The Spring”. In “Bad Trip”, Rimma also gets credits as 2nd vocalist which brings in some nice variety. By the way: I saw a live version of “Surfin’ Bird”, where her voice sounded way more dirty. Let’s see what the future will bring.

Most of the time the band is relying on the classic three-piece-sound. No 2nd guitars, when Andrey is soloing. Doubled guitars are only used ecxeptionally, when he concentrates on rhythm. For example there’s some extra chords added in “Bad Trip” – just high tones that give some extra spice, but in a very tasteful and cautious way. It has to be said, that it sounds like Andreys real strength is the rhythm-guitar, so he keeps the soloing comparably simple and short, following the motto: cobbler stick to your last. Last not least there’s a Theremin. I always liked this classical Ed Wood-UFO-Sound Effects, when bands like ZOMBIE GHOST TRAIN used them. Like the female voice, this brings in some nice extra flair, where it makes sense to act a little bit less puristic. The essence is never touched by that. If you liked bands like ES FEIV or other smaller three-piece combos from the old days, you will like THE ROCKET BEATS. I don’t want to compare them directly with any band. I prefer saying that they are another proof for the vivid Russian scene. As I don’t think, they’ ve been around for too long (facebook says “established in 2012”), the conclusion is: The ROCKET BEATS have done everything right!
Please like the band on www.facebook.com/TheRocketBeats. You can also order the self produced EP there. Here's “Bad Trip” as found on www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RT5rMIDrUY as an appetizer.

Die Psychocouch, 2014


released December 25, 2013



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The Rocket Beats Tula, Russia

Fresh blood of russian Psychobilly, successors of Stressor and The Magnetix!

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